Areas covered by DTE

On this active Google map you can see the overview of the areas covered by DTE’s teams.
The zones targeted by our customers are in blue and the sectors that DTE would like to develop are in red.

An area that is not targeted on this map interest you?

So send us an email. Make sure to list all the addresses of your yards (in that specific zone of interest) and the estimated amount of trailers in each yard. Maybe we are only waiting on YOUR email to expand!

Therefore you could have a pioneering role in the growth of our coverage.


Click here to send us an email

Here are the sectors we would like to develop for you:

  • 01 : VAL D’OR : From Ste-Agathe-des-Monts to Rouyn-Noranda, everything along the highway 117
  • 02 : SAGUENAY : Also Roberval and Alma, and everything in the surroundings.
  • 03 : SOREL-TRACY
  • 04 : RIMOUSKI : From Lévis to Rimouski, everything along the highway 20.

 Most of all we love hearing from you!