Roof snow removal services

Roof snow removal services that rime with safety!

Déneigement Toitures Excel Inc. (D.T.E. Inc.) has grown from a small, local operation to become a leader in roof snow removal services. With nearly 30 years of experience, we specialize in trailer and commercial roofs and are trusted by many of the largest transportation companies across the province of Quebec.

Every year we are putting all our efforts towards offering the best services, improving our methods and training our teams with the latest techniques to preserve and protect the roofing membranes while being efficient.

Hiring D.T.E. Inc. means putting an end to unpleasant surprises such as water infiltration, cracks, breakage or having a roof collapse. It also insures the safety and security of your drivers and all other road users by making sure that no buildup of snow or ice will come flying from the top of your vehicles.

Our priorities :

  • The satisfaction of our customers
  • The safety of the sites on which we work to insure the security of our teams and customers
  • Extend the roof’s life by using plastic shovels and thorough techniques to lighten the snow and ice load based on the specifications of the structure.

Also, don’t hesitate to view our entire range of services for more details and contact us for a free quote!

*Holder of a liability and damage insurance.

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