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D.T.E. Inc. it’s over 25 years of expertise in snow removal services. Let us handle professionnal snow removal for your roof. Our teams are trained to be effective and detailled oriented while applying all the safety procedures.

Even your roof has limits!

Build up of snow on your roof is not a hazard in itself. But be aware of the impact that an overload can have. In fact, it’s really important to evaluate the variations of the snow load on your roof throughout Winter. Depending on the type and age of your roof, there is a maximum weight that it can support without strain. Indeed, besides the thickness of the snow, it’s essentiel to assess the constitution of the snow. Is it 10 cm of loose snow or 10 cm of ice? Even if it doesn’t  look like a thick layer of snow, if it’s mainly ice the integrity of your roof can be threatened.

The load bearing capacity varies according to the roof and location. A roof top structure built to standards should be able to support up to 80 pounds, (35kg per quare foot) so about 3 feet of dry snow. As the snow gets wetter the load bearing capacity per square foot decreases.

Commercial / Institutional / Industrial Roof

We offer Commercial roof snow removal all across the province of Quebec.

When you choose D.T.E. Inc., you choose :

  • Service offered according to your company’s schedule and constraints.
  • A team of professionals.
  • One supervisor per team of 6 to 10 workers, insuring safety and effectiveness.
  • Equipment that meets specific safety standards, suitable to the scope and type of job.
  • Daily report (upon request)
  • Pictures before and at the end of the job.
  • Supervisors on the ground at every drop point. (if needed)
  • Security perimeter provided on the ground and on the roof.
  • Harnesses or guardrails
  • Complete snow clearing or strategic load reduction (using high risk areas or the tile technique)

Residential Roof

roof-snow-removal-commercial-residentialIn the region of Lanaudiere, WE are the solution! One of your roofs is covered in snow? Wether it’s your house, chalet, shed or garage, we can prepare a quote for your needs.

Our employees are conscientious, professional and are using the security measures suitable to each type of roof.