Roof snow removal trailers

Snow removal for trailers

You are a transportation company to whom security is a main concern? You wish to abide by the CNESST regulations? You are looking for an efficient and professionnal company who can offer snow removal services all across the province of Quebec? Let D.T.E. Inc. handle the snow removal of your trailers. Déneigement Toitures Excel Inc. is a knowledgeable and specialized company who puts into practice the safest snow removal techniques.

Why use professionals to clear your trailers?

  • Laws and penalties : 

The presence of snow or ice on a heavy vehicle or on a trailer constitutes a real danger to the integrity of the trailer’s structure, but mainly to the other road users. Indeed, with the speed ice and snow can detach from the roof and come flying on the road reducing visibility and possibly causing an accident.

Law 498 of the Highway Safety Code :

No person may dispose of, deposit or abandon any object or substance on a public highway. No driver may allow any substance [snow nor ice] to fall from the vehicule.

In the province of Quebec there are strict regulations regarding all vehicles travelling on public roads for general safety. The laws and regulations regarding heavy vehicles not cleared have been strengthened which should increase our vigilance. The penalty for an «action that may threaten life or the security of any person» can vay between 1000.00$ to 3000.00$. To which you can add legal proceedings, insurance fees, demerit points at the Commission des transports du Québec and any additional fees. The penalties can effect the driver as well as the owner or the operator of the heavy vehicle.

Relying on professionals is a good way to avoid drawing attention at the road control posts. First, the trailer’s roofs are now being monitored at the weighing stations with additionnal cameras. But also, a cleared trailer is a lot lighter, than a trailer covered in snow and ice.

  • Productivity and cost control :

A trailer not cleared can slow down your fleet and can have a significant impact on delivery deadlines.

To ask the driver or another employee to remove the snow from your trailers can certainly slow down productivity, but also put the safety of your employees at risk.

Exorbitant fees may be caused by uncontroled accumulation of snow. In fact, the membrane can only support so much weight after which the roof will start to bend, crack or even collapse.

A truck covered in snow and ice travelling on public roads is less aerodynamic, so it will use up more fuel.

  • CNESST : a protection  for all!

    To access the roof of your trailers can be hazardous in winter and can cause many accidents. CNESST, (Commission de la Santé et Sécurité au Travail) the organization to which the Government of Québec has entrusted the administration of the occupational health and safety plan, will agree : many accidents could have been avoided simply by hiring a company specialized in roof snow removal. D.T.E. Inc. employees are trained and equipped for everyone’s safety. Furthermore, our techniques and expertise allow our teams to remove snow without damaging the roofing membrane.

    • Request a Validation of Conformity at the signature of your contract
    • Ask for an Attestation of Conformity at the end of the contract.
  • Roof collapses :

Roof collapses are more common than we roof-snow-removal-trailersthink and can lead to expansive repair costs or even the need to buy new trailers. Especially nowadays with climate changes, a sudden mid-season warm spell can transform the snow into water or ice. Wet snow is 6X heavier than dry snow. Removing all the snow can prevent damages that could arise because of temperature variations.

There are many other events that can make a roof collapse. For example its age; old roofs are more likely to have been weakened by rot. Also overload damages: overload can create cracks and deformation of the roof. For all these reasons it could be important to remove even a very thin layer of snow. The best way to insure the preservation of your roofs is to let professional assess the situation. Déneigement Toitures Excel Inc. has the expertise to be able to tell you, after a quick inspection, the load that your trailers can easily support and monitor the trailers that are at risk.

An agreement that fits your needs

D.T.E. Inc. is a professional safety oriented company that provides peace of mind and an intelligible, detailled worksheet with each invoice. The network of workers are all linked accross the province of Quebec via an online, trackable system which makes dispatching and answering Clients questions (almost) a piece of cake.

Here are the available options for the season :

Regular route Agreement :
  • the most economical alternative; low basic fee and custom cost per trailer
  • Service carried out within a 12 hours period after the end of the snowstorm, if there is a build-up of at least 5 cm of snow.
  • No call to make
  • No managing to do
  • Your yards across Quebec covered by the SAME  company.
On-call Service Agreement :
  • Fastest option; the team will be on-site within around 4 to 6 hours after your call
  • You can control where and when you want the snow removal service
  • Fixed costs per yard/per service call are applicable
  • Area fees may apply


For a safe snow removal service

D.T.E. Inc. has developped over the past few years a mouvement restrictor system. This specialized equipment was specifically adapted to fit most type of trailers and the harsh and fluctuating conditions of the areas we work in. With our patented system we are emerging as a leader in rooftop snow removal. Indeed, we are the only company in Quebec that operates with this kind of system which allows us to be in line with the rules and regulations regarding work at heights (3meters +).

Every employee is trained and sensitized to all the aspects of health and security at work. Their training on how to use the system is rigorous and so are the working procedures. D.T.E. Inc. : a strong team for results without compromise!